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2022-05-14 13:01:37 By : Mr. Ze Ruan

Anyone who has ever dyed their hair a bright color has probably experienced some hesitation at first. After all, hair color, although not as permanent as something like a tattoo, is still a much bigger commitment than trying out a new lipstick. Oftentimes, there’s a slow build to a bold dye job. When I was in junior high, I DIY’d my own California-girl highlights with Sun-In from the drugstore. Looking back, I’d say those highlights were like training wheels before jumping into the bubblegum-pink, spiky pixie cut I sported just a few years later (it was the late ’90s, y’all!) to the pink-and-platinum look I have today. If you’re a hair-color virgin who wants to experiment but is still commitment-phobic, I’ve got good news. There are many ways to dip a toe into the bold-hair-color waters before transforming into a full-on bleached babe.

“Colored shampoo, conditioner, and hair chalks are all temporary color options,” says celebrity hairstylist Guy Tang . “That said, colored shampoos and conditioners will last longer than hair chalk.” His favorite products are colored conditioners, like the one from his haircare line, Mydentity MyRefresh Color Depositing Conditioner ($24) , because “you get color and hydration from the product.” Gregga Prothero , master stylist and founder of Gregga LA , is also a fan of color-depositing conditioners, with one caveat. “To really get this to show, your hair must be lightened to a pale yellow to platinum blonde or have natural platinum, white/silver hair. These color-depositing conditioners can last from one to eight washes depending on how pastel or vibrant you want the color to be,” she explains.

For first-timers who have highlights, Tang suggests trying a lighter color over them. “That way, it is just a hint of color and will wash out with ease if you don't like the results,” he says. “Also, just trying the product on just a couple of pieces of hair, instead of the whole head, is a great alternative. You can take a few pieces from the nape area of the hair that is highlighted and place the color there. And you can always add more.” Another option from Prothero? Trying on a bunch of wigs. “That way, you can test out and see if that particular color is flattering on you. Another can be extensions with fashion colors; these can be placed around your hair and add pops of color,” she says.

How to experiment with color when you have dark hair:

My hair is naturally dark brown, and I have a memory from high school (post–Sun-In era) when I bought blue dye thinking that all I needed to do was put it on my untouched hair. The only things that were successfully dyed blue were my ears. But before you think that you must have blonde or lightened hair in order to have fun hair colors, think again. Tang’s #MyRefresh line has highly pigmented colors that can help people with dark hair achieve a hint of color. “This is a great way to try out a color,” explains Tang. “If they like it, then they can go to their stylist to achieve a brighter version of the shade.” There’s also a brand-new temporary holographic color from Schwarzkopf Professional called Colour Alchemy that works on dark bases, according to Prothero. “You apply it directly to your hair. There’s no development time, and it comes out in one wash,” she says. The colors are reminiscent of peacock feathers and scarab beetles. (FYI: This is a product you have to get from your stylist, but it sounds worth it.)

When it comes to mistakes that hair-color newbies tend to make, Tang says the biggest one he sees is not using enough product. “It is important to use a generous amount of product so that you cover every strand well to ensure even saturation of the temporary color,” he explains. “Don’t be afraid of using a lot of product! In the world of coloring, less is not more .”

Prothero adds that another common mistake goes back to it being a temporary hair color and washing your hair immediately after getting it colored. “Wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair. Using extremely hot water to wash your hair will cause the temporary color to fade out faster as well,” she warns.

Ready to experiment with your hair color without commitment? Keep scrolling for 11 must-try products, including suggestions from our experts.

11 Must-Try Products for Noncommital Color

These color-depositing conditioners from Tang’s haircare line are available in a range of colors, from the intense Blue Mystique to his signature Rose Gold, and last up to 25 washes. Tang’s tips for using these conditioners for a temporary color? “Comb out your hair before applying. Then squeeze a generous amount into your hand, and start applying to the underneath back of your hair first, and then work your way to the front pieces. Lastly, massage the conditioner into your hair well with your hands and then comb through.” 

Prothero suggests this color-depositing product, which enhances red, blonde, and brunette hair. All you have to do is massage it into your hair and rinse it out to get a boost of color. 

Another favorite of Prothero’s, these plant-based color-depositing shampoos are available in ultra-vivid colors, like hot pink and crimson red as well as pastels. 

Color Cloud is a brand-new, demi-permanent, and ammonia-free foam hair dye (the first of its kind) that is gentle on hair, delivers rich color while locking it in. It washes out in four to six weeks.

Designed for curly hair (but can also work on straight hair), this unique hair-color gel is meant to be used after your regular wash routine, like a normal styling gel. It works on dark hair and easily washes out when you’re ready to go back. 

Want to switch up your hair color for just one night? These hair chalks come in green, blue, and purple and wash out in just one shampoo. 

If you’re going to a party or a show, spray this short-term color into your hair without fear. You can get creative with it and do a half-tone look or only the ends for an ombré vibe.

If you want a treatment with your color, this mask is the stuff of dreams. It contains antioxidant ingredients that nourish the hair, providing shine and hydration while enriching its hue.

Come for the hilarious product name, stay for the ultra-bright colors this versatile “hair makeup” product does. Add a dash of pink to your bangs or some green to your middle part, and when you’re over it, simply wash it off.

Overtone is one of the OGs of color conditioners and stands out because of the way it simultaneously packs hair with color while taking care of it (thanks to hair healt–-boosting ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil).

This is another great product for those not ready to commit! Just spray it into your hair, enjoy, and wash it out. Easy-peasy.

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